Library Practicum

I was extremely fortunate that the Fox River Valley Public Library District (FRVPLD) kindly agreed to host my 75-hour library practicum this Fall ’21 semester. It’s been a fantastic learning experience! Unlike many of my COD LTA program peers, I didn’t have previous library work experience beyond volunteering. So I was eager to try my hand at everything and learn as much as humanly possible. My supervisor Heather obliged by scheduling me shifts in just about every department of the library:

  • Adult and Teen Services (Information Desk)
  • Account Services
  • Youth Services
  • PATS (Purchasing, Acquisitions & Technical Services)
  • Public Relations
  • Human Resources / Business Office

I spent 65 hours at the main Dundee branch and 10 hours at the smaller Randall Oaks branch. The FRVPLD staff was extremely generous with their time, and they all shared their experience freely. I was allowed to observe, ask absurd amounts of questions, and then get some hands-on practice with actual patrons and library projects. It was amazing!

FRVPLD – main Dundee branch

FRVPLD – smaller Randall Oaks branch

  • FRVPLD Halloween Party Photo