Cookies, Samba, & Pop-up book sales!

This Sunday was something of a volunteeringpalooza for me down at the Gail Borden Public Library. I got there at opening to help quickly restock the tables for the pop-up book sale. Then we shifted gears and it was off to the Community Rooms to help setup the tables and package up cookies for the upcoming Sunday Afternoon Concert program. We finished with just a few minutes to spare before it was time to let patrons in. The band Chicago Samba were playing in the background on the other end of the room as they got in tune. Nice!

Patrons dancing to Chicago Samba!

This was a big program and patrons had to reserve their tickets in advance. Another volunteer and I checked attendees in against our lists and helped them find seats (and later their cookie treats). I had a great moment where I managed to effectively use my limited Spanish to help a patron, and that was exciting.

100 people attended the concert! And it was SO MUCH FUN. I don’t know much about Samba, but the band was electrifying. Some people were literally dancing in the aisles. What a blast!

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