Hello! My name is Angel Marie Jacoby.

Angel Jacoby headshot photo

This is my final semester as an LTA student in the College of DuPage’s Library and Information Technology AAS Program. I am following my dreams by continuing my education and pursuing a meaningful new career in Library Service.

I believe that libraries are the heart of their communities. Today’s public libraries aren’t cold elitist repositories of dusty books. No, they’re warm, lively community centers that provide a safe space where all are welcome. No shushing!

Now don’t mistake me – I LOVE BOOKS. But libraries are so much more than “just” books. To me, it’s all about helping people. We’re meant to serve the community by connecting patrons with services and resources. I have strong feelings about the importance of encouraging and defending intellectual freedom, literacy, accessibility, patron privacy, and much more.

My dream is to work my way up all the way through earning an MLIS and becoming a full-fledged Librarian.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my practicum portfolio.

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